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The Human Greatness Publishing House

Our publishing house is dedicated to the dissemination of the knowledge, philosophy, methods, books and audio products by, and inspired by, the teaching of Shai Tubali. Shai believes that every one of us could benefit greatly from what he calls the School of Life. It is an education that most of us missed out on, due to some key elements that are lacking in traditional education, both at home and at school.

Because traditional teaching does not sufficiently equip us to cope with life, we can grow confused and disoriented. Shai’s teaching and books help to correct what we lack, to fill the gap with knowledge that might otherwise be filled with frustration, blame and anger. Beyond the “School of Life,” Shai’s work illuminates important aspects of human culture and experience for which all of us could benefit through better understanding, leading to transformation and enlightenment.

Esoteric knowledge has been passed from master to disciple for millennia. This practice continues today, and Shai welcomes anyone with an open mind and heart and a will to learn.

Key Points

  • All of our publications focus on bringing the light of consciousness into the human experience. Like carrying a lantern into a dark cave, it illuminates all possible dimensions of our life experience and helps us realize the dormant powers and capabilities that we humans possess but rarely activate because most of the world does not know how to do so.

  • Most of our books are both theoretical and practical and require no a priori knowledge, so they are good for any level and any reader. They are packed with practical, guided meditations and are written in a clear, approachable manner.

  • We are committed to revolutionary world views that can make us see the human experience in a different way. We view old philosophies and ancient traditions in a new light, making them relevant to our contemporary lives.

  • Our practices enable us to communicate with part of our being–thoughts, emotions, heart and mind–from a liberated, unshackled perspective.

  • What makes Shai’s knowledge and presentation methods particularly effective is its interdisciplinary nature. Shai harmonizes academic philosophy, ancient yogic knowledge (both Hindu and Buddhist), ancient Greek philosophy, the philosophies of mystical enlightenment and meditation, positive psychology and more. All this is synchronized into a clear, overall lifestyle and thought system that takes the best of the world’s wisdom, ancient and modern, and transposes it into a practice approach for the 21st century that anyone can use to see rapid benefits, psychologically and physically.

  • Shai believes that humans should acquire knowledge beyond the mere technical. There is knowledge that can liberate us, transform us. This is what he presents.

  • It is our mission to provide access to these methods, ideas and practices. We teach without prejudice and without exclusion. Every valuable and valid idea has been considered for inclusion in Shai’s overall philosophical and practical programs. He references everything from ancient Greek transformative philosophy to pantheistic traditions, from the secret powers of the Mahamudra Tibetan path for relaxation to yogic mysticism and beyond. Ours is an all-inclusive approach, gathering wisdom from all sources of it and synthesizing it into an easy-to-use system available to anyone. This is the heart of our non-profit organization.
  • We want philosophy to live again as a tangible tool, not only for self-development but also for self-realization.

We tend to think of ‘greatness’ as a very far-off ideal. However, it is through your everyday choices that you have the opportunity to demonstrate the greatness that is hidden inside you.

Shai Tubali


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