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Inner Fire in Seven Steps

If your goal is self-realization through meditation, then Inner Fire is the perfect companion on your journey. Shai’s book utilizes the source of inner heat within us to bring to life our Kundalini energy and thus to burn away all our fears as well as other spiritual, emotional and mental blockages.

If followed faithfully, this is the highway to mystical enlightenment.

Shai Tubali relies on Buddhist scriptures, as well as recent interpretations by great Buddhist teachers dating back a century, in order to adapt this most powerful meditation system for the modern meditant and clear for the modern reader.

Shai’s expertise is in “translating” the wisdom of Buddhist knowledge, tantric teachings about Kundalini and subtle body and his own direct experience into a system accessible and intelligible to all.

The result is a comprehensive guide to the practice of the yoga of Inner Heat that was once considered to be a great secret, only passed down orally from one teacher to his or her direct disciple.

With his fresh, intimate light and humorous tone, Shai guides the reader through seven steps which he has developed out of his wish to make the technique easy and to facilitate the process of learning and assimilation.

Acknowledgments 1
Introduction 3
STEP ONE Learn the basics of the subtle body and Inner Fire meditation 7
PRACTICE Five practices to prepare your being 23
STEP TWO Settle in the oneness at your core 41
PRACTICE Entering the central channel 55
STEP THREE Get in touch with bliss 69
PRACTICE Igniting the inner fire 81
STEP FOUR Reach the crown chakra 87
PRACTICE Melting the kundalini drop in the crown 99
STEP FIVE Allow the perfect inner kiss 105
PRACTICE Guiding the upper kundalini all the way down 115
STEP SIX Reveal the secret of the secret chakra 127
PRACTICE Experiencing the ultimate joy 141
STEP SEVEN Disappear into emptiness 147
PRACTICE Leading kundalini back to the crown 157
Summary 165
Recommended practice program 171
General instructions 173
List of sources 175
About the author 176

Chakra Cleansing

Welcome to the “Chakra Cleansing” process, a wellness system you can use at home. In this audio recording, we work on a set of four fundamental practices that were adopted and developed from the Vajrayana tradition, a form of Tantric Buddhism. Originally, these were designed to prepare a student’s subtle body and chakras for the practice of Inner Fire Meditation. However, you can also use them independently, in order to rapidly clear your subtle nervous system, balance your chakras and, in general, establish a connection with your subtle body.

The power of these practices lies in their ability to bypass existing emotional, mental, physical or energetic blockages and to immediately allow you to enjoy the experience of perfectly clear channels and energy centers. So, wherever you are in your chakra development, you can evoke the inherent bliss of your subtle body and experience uninterrupted meditation without any inner struggle.


This audio recording includes:

The Empty Body Meditation

We begin the process with a simple, yet fundamental and effective practice: The Empty Body meditation. With this practice, you shift from the experience of having a physical body to having a space-like form–part of this concept of meditation. This strong and effective visualization is a gateway into the world of the subtle body.

Purifying Pranayama Meditation

Pranayama means “the control of breath in a way that can redirect the subtle life-force.” In this specific pranayama, we aim to equalize the air that passes through the nostrils. This has an immediate effect on two of the three most important channels within your subtle body. It can create an experience of instant peace and relaxation, in which you are able to rest inside your core.

Visualization and Purification of the Subtle Body

This major practice will teach you how to establish a continuous vision of your subtle body and how to purify the channels and the chakras. It is a profound way to visualize and experience, in detail, your subtle anatomy and the activation of it.

Vajrasattva Visualization for Purification

In our fourth and final practice in this beautiful process of chakra cleansing, we use a traditional visualization from the world of Tantric Tibetan Buddhism. This stream employs vivid images of deities and Buddhas for different purposes – ultimately, the student meditates on the image of the deity or the Buddha in order to become completely one with them.

Guided Inner Fire Meditation

Experience the four fundamental stages of Inner Fire. This audio program takes you on a guided journey of Inner Fire meditation. This is based on the Tibetan Buddhist Tummo, the nearest thing to spiritual enlightenment. It is the highway to self-realization and an instant awakener of kundalini. As such, it is the bringer of true bliss.

This approach is recommended for those who are passionate about transformation and enlightenment and who wish to take a significant leap forward, with advanced knowledge and practice. However, if you are truly keen on learning and practicing deep Yogic teachings, this will suit you, at whatever point you are in your spiritual evolution.

Along this guided meditation journey, you will first practice the two most basic elements that ignite your Inner Fire: meditation on the “navel chakra syllable” and Vase Breathing meditation. These two elements are the essentials of Inner Fire. All advanced stages simply build upon them. Later, in the second half of this journey, you will practice the two initial stages of Inner Fire meditation. If you wish to learn more about the philosophy of Inner Fire, as well as the advanced stages that lead to the complete practice of Inner Fire, you can read our book, Inner Fire in Seven Steps.

About the Author

Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali is an internationally-renowned author, speaker and innovator in the field of inner transformation and personal development. Shai’s approach weaves together a tapestry of thought and tradition from psychology, philosophy, medicine, Yogic traditions, Eastern thought and practices and the most advanced scientific research. His vision is made manifest in the Human Greatness Center, where all aspects of his system are made available to anyone who wishes to partake. The establishment of the Human Greatness Publishing House is to spread this knowledge beyond the limits of those who attend his workshops and classes in person, making it possible for anyone around the world to benefit from his experience and wisdom.

Shai was born in Israel and has lived in Berlin for a decade. He is a trained Yogi with 21 years of study in the field of Eastern thought and Yogic traditions. He is a multi-award-winning author of numerous best-selling books. Ever since he achieved a revelation at the age of 23, he has dedicated his life to helping others live deeper lives that reveal the hidden potential of their hearts, minds and bodies. He is completing his PhD in philosophy in the field of mysticism, self-transformation and Western philosophy at University of Leeds in the UK.


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