Hello again!

Sometimes we feel that reading can teach us a lot, but we still need to learn how to practice the knowledge we’ve acquired.

Or we feel that in order to really manifest great ideas, we should implement them in our daily lives and habits.

We are happy to help!

Shai Tubali, the author (with Theresa Bäulerein) of The Journey to the Genius Mind, has developed a special mind journey for you.

The Master Mind 21 Day Challenge is a wonderfully clear and easy-to-follow process that you can buy together with The Journey to the Genius Mind book, for a special price.

The Challenge offers you a daily recording of an explanation and a guided meditation practice for 21 days, which will enable you to master your mind and discover how peace of mind, open mind, new ways of thinking and freedom from thought actually feel.

You are invited to buy the book and the entire challenge for the special price of 45 Euro.

Not sure?

Please, enjoy exploring the first lesson for free:

The Master Mind 21 Day Challenge

Shai Tubali


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