the Final Realization

by Shai Tubali



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Almost a thousand years ago, on the banks of the Ganges river, the towering Indian Yogi Tilopa finally agreed to share his supreme guidance on Mahamudra with his dedicated student, Naropa. Tilopa’s Ganges Mahamudra, transmitted in the form of a spontaneous song, is a concise and essential presentation of the ultimate path and outcome of Buddhist meditation. His sharing of the living experience of enlightenment continues to vibrate behind the written words to this day.

Although the Ganges Mahamudra introduces a highly advanced level of practice, it is, in the same breath, an astonishingly clear and easy practice that requires nothing more than an honest gaze into one’s mind. The practice is designed to evoke an immediate awareness of the innate, unborn clear light wisdom of one’s being. As such, it may be considered the truest and speediest path of highest tantra. Even more radically, Tilopa makes it clear that if this mind of clear light can be accessed directly, no other practice is required.

In Mahamudra: The Final Realization, Shai Tubali offers an extensive illumination of Tilopa’s words in order to make the instructions both accessible and transformative for the modern reader. This elucidation is followed by simple Mahamudra meditations and inquiries, as well as a comprehensive section containing guidance on Tilopa’s supportive tantric practices: Inner Fire and Clear Light.

This is a kind of bliss that you have never known, because it is the bliss of nonduality. It is a bliss that the relative you does not participate in, and in a way, it does not happen inside you, but instead almost in space. It is a bliss that has nothing to do with any concrete mental concepts that belong to the world; it is completely independent. It is the realization of the mind’s own purity, and the joy of this immaculate purity.

Shai Tubali from “Inner Fire in seven Steps”


FIRST INSIGHT Mind looks into mind 17
PRACTICE Mind like space 37
SECOND INSIGHT Thoughts are clouds in your mind’s sky 41
PRACTICE Does the mind have any color? 59
THIRD INSIGHT The yogi sits relaxed 63
PRACTICE Do thoughts have any color? 83
FOURTH INSIGHT Free from all desire 87
PRACTICE Where is the self? 105
FIFTH INSIGHT No path to travel 111
PRACTICE Where is the other’s self? 133
SIXTH INSIGHT The king of views 137
PRACTICE Non-meditation 151
SEVENTH INSIGHT At last, all rivers meet the sea 155
PRACTICE I Inner Fire 165
PRACTICE II Clear Light Meditation 211
List of sources 233
About the Author 235


  • 10 colorful illustrations of the subtle body
  • Meditations and visualizations
  • Paperback
  • 176 Pages

About the Author

Shai Tubali

Shai Tubali is an internationally-renowned author, speaker and innovator in the field of inner transformation and personal development. Shai’s approach weaves together a tapestry of thought and tradition from psychology, philosophy, medicine, Yogic traditions, Eastern thought and practices and the most advanced scientific research. His vision is made manifest in the Human Greatness Center, where all aspects of his system are made available to anyone who wishes to partake. The establishment of the Human Greatness Publishing House is to spread this knowledge beyond the limits of those who attend his workshops and classes in person, making it possible for anyone around the world to benefit from his experience and wisdom.

Shai was born in Israel and has lived in Berlin for a decade. He is a trained Yogi with 21 years of study in the field of Eastern thought and Yogic traditions. He is a multi-award-winning author of numerous best-selling books. Ever since he achieved a revelation at the age of 23, he has dedicated his life to helping others live deeper lives that reveal the hidden potential of their hearts, minds and bodies. He is completing his PhD in philosophy in the field of mysticism, self-transformation and Western philosophy at University of Leeds in the UK.


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Bookish quotes, fantastic deals, giveaways, guided meditations and more!